Review Age of Sigmar II: Will Warhammer Fantasy to be the same someday?

We, “the old players” are worried about the course that Age of Sigmar has taken. What will happen with the classic Warhammer Fantasy?

This time I going to try to reply that question, analizing Games Workshop  performance.

Is The end of the times, the end of Warhammer Fantasy?

Lessons learned with End of Times:

The End of times has provided to Games Workshop of something much important than money! Lessons about customers, about what customers want. And what they want? Astonishing figures and an exciting background.

Nowadays players are expectant to know what will change in the following background book. Internet is full of comments about that, and everybody is talking about the hobby. That didnt happen before when Chaos Storm was the end of all stories.

The old world is dead. Soon only old players will remember it. The eight mortal realms are now the real world, where the story is written. Games Workshop has a new scenery, rolling without no limits. A new  universe that could be broaden if they need it.

The End of the times is the beggining of the story

In the past, we spend a lots time just looking our figures into regiments, all them aligned. We didnt play with models, we played with units.

Games Workshop has changed it! Now all figures are much important, even “common” troops like Storms Cast Eternal. Smaller units, bigger figures.

Age of Sigmar, a new world, new heros and old Gods.

40K has Space Marines, Warhammer had…?” – Migs, Iron Sleet blog.

The Space Marine is the icon of Warhammer 40.000. Until Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy has not had any  that identifies the game. Now Games Workshop has Stormcast Eternal, and it will became a icon.

Now that the figures size are bigger, bussiness who sell bits need to create bigger products too. Squared bases are a new challenger for companies like Microart.

Games Workshop wants to create a new sing of identify for all the races, with unique names and characteristics.

Games Workshop wants protect his intellectual property. For that reason is very important to them reinforcer their trade mark and be different of competitors.

Warhammer Fantasy is gone.

Games Workshop shops have changed. Now the look is different. All reference to Warhammer Fantasy has been deleted. Besides all 8th books have been removed and most of warhammer references too. 

Its not posibble find to much information about the old world before the End of the times. New players only will know Age of Sigmars universe.

In the future we will find a couple of reference to the old world, the book Vermintide from The End of Times saga and Warhammer Total War. Video game development has taken a long time, that the reason why it will be launch after Age of Sigmar

Is Age of Sigmar a specialist  game?

Come back to Warhammer Fantasy is not easy.

Some rumors talk about Warhammer Fantasy will return in six monts or a year. But I think that it wont happend. All rule books and army books must change, and squared bases must be placed into box again, print the old restilynd and all merchandising. So, so expensive.

Besides if Warhammer Fantasy is backs, Games Workshop will lost consumer confidence. 

To conlude: Warhammer Fantasy will come back but…

I am sure about Warhammer Fantasy will be back in the future, Games Workshop is a cyclical business. I am not talking about tomorrow, six monts or a year, maybe in four or eight years.

Besides is posibble that Games Workshop launch a long rulebook, no as Warhammer fantasy, but something longer than four sheets of paper.

Anyway, we are talking about a global endeavour, so results will change Games Workshop planning for the following years. If Age of Sigmar is a sales failure Warhammer Fantasy will back sooner.

Do you think that Warhammer Fantasy will back?


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