Archers, The Elven Lords

The Elven Lords have arrived to Kickstarter! From today at 18:00 CEST, the access to the project is full opened. Just have a look and check our figures and sceneries.

I remember at the beggining when we were doing our first Kickstarter, how impossible seems get it! Was not easy, expensive and hard, but finally we did! Now here we are, with our second kickstarter running!

We are so glad to show our project at:

Thank to the people who supported us with our first kickstarter we have be able to do our Elvens Lords. Now if we have support enough again, we gonna do our third miniatures project, but “tomorrow” we will talk about it.

The Elven lords, now on Kickstarter!

There are four kinds of model in The Elven Lords Kickstarter: archers, spearmen, a prince and a mage.

Besides backers have the chance to get scenery pieces, some of them news. And even more before the kickstarter finish because we are still working on in!

Our charactes, Prince and Mage, are 32mm metal models designed by 3D. In the other hand, our infantry are plastic resin crafted, multicomponent and multipose. You can mount your figures with different equiment:

  • Light archer or heavy (with a spearman’s body).
  • Heavy spearman or light (with a archer’s body).

We have very versatile models, you can mix their bits!

Archers and spearmen models multipose! Mix them too!

We designed them thinking on Lord of the rings, and we are so happy with the result!

The hardest decisions we did were about prices. Right now we have 32mm miniatures with 5-8pieces for 2€ per model! You can check if our Elves  quality is lower than other companies, we think no!

2€ multipose infantry models!

We have two kinds of pleges, characters and infantry. We are offering groups of 4 infantry models to can adapt our proyect to a lots wargames. So you can take 4 archers or 4 spearmen as a group, you can’t mix them, but if you get more than one group you can do it!

After goals are unlocked you will find:

  • Prince or Mage.
  • Patrol, a group of infantry figures. 4 miniatures.
  • Detachment, 3 groups of infantry (8 spearmen and 4 archers for example). 12 miniatures.
  • Regiment, a free prince and 5 groups of infantry. 21 miniatures.
  • Cohort, free prince, free mage and 10 groups of infantry. 42 miniatures.
  • Legion, free prince, free mage and 20 groups of infantry. 82 miniatures.

Don’t forget, if you take an early bird you will get more miniatures!

Besides we have designed sprues with a Command group pieces. After unlock will get one each 20 infantry models for free!

Ladies and gentlement, an elven archer.

Our infantry is very versatile, this model has 8 pieces that you can mix with other models.

Elven archers has two kinds of shoulder pads, one heavy like a spearmen and one light. They are wearing a leather armour too.

Our elven archers in acction: load, aim, fire!

This everything right now. Remind that we are still working, so new sorprises will come before the project finish!

Thank you guys for your support! We are so glad if you share and comment our kickstarter!

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