Dark angels: Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus


Seraphicus was the Interrogator chaplain of Dark Angels along the Pandorax campaing, in the 959-961.M41 of Warhammer 40.000. This limited edition figured was selling into the Dark vengance box. Giye loved the miniature and he took one for him!

Limited edition miniatures are a good reason to buy one of the core warhammer 40.000 or warhammer fantasy boxes. With Dark vengance and Seraphicus, Games Workshop absolutely spot on. Dark angels fighting agains  Crimson Slaughter, chaos space marins.

Giye wanted to paint Seraphicus, so he bought a Dark vengance box just to can do it!

Interrogator chaplain Seraphicus, Dark Angels

A chaplain armour is black, so Giye didn´t spend a lots time thinking about it.

Giye use details like the cape too add more colorful tones, like typical Dark angels green.

  • Seraphicus-Capellan-Chaplains-Angel-Oscuro-Dark-Warhammer-40000-40k-01
  • Seraphicus-Capellan-Chaplains-Angel-Oscuro-Dark-Warhammer-40000-40k-02
  • Seraphicus-Capellan-Chaplains-Angel-Oscuro-Dark-Warhammer-40000-40k-03

Crozius Arcanum is chaplain simbol. Was painted in light colors to contras with the dark armour.


Interrogator chaplain Seraphicus watching Dark Angel souls


Anothe great figure painted by Giye.

We hope that you like as we like it! Maybe is time to pain a new chaplain!

Do you like core boxes with limited edition miniatures?

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