Dragon Guard bearer

Dragon Guard bearer is one of the miniatures mounted with a Command Group sprue.

I am sorry, since we started scultping miniatures for our favorite games as The 9th Age, we can not stop! Now is the time for our Dragon Guard, heavy armoured elves with a great, great axe.

We haved done a change in this campaign, Elven Lords: Dragon’s Roar. Now Command Group Sprues are included in 20 miniatures  boxes. So you will get a full regiment.

Command Group sprues now are included into regiment boxes.

Today we gonna show closer our Dragon guard standard bearer.

Firstly we drew a concept. With a clear idea about what we wantedm sclutping work was much easy.

Some medals in the standar, a veteran Guard regiment.

In this gallery you can see a “360º”.

For our last campaign, frist we designed regular troops and then command groups. This time we have taken the other way.

Two different miniatures with the same body moldel!

It is time to go back to work in our campaing. Do not forget to have a look at:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lastsword/elven-lords-ii-dragons-roar

Next time I would like to take some pictures of our Dragon Guard bearer painted and show here.

Do you like our Standard?

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