Everqueen’s Shieldmaidens, concept

Everqueen’s Shieldmaidens, concept is our news for this week. Everqueen bodyguads and ladyies, a new regiment for our following elven campign!

Some of you are worried about our The jungle awakering campaign, because you desire see new elves soon. Now LastSword is a little bit bigger so we can carry on with severals projects at the same time! And this is thank to you!

Our new elven women on foot.

Everqueen’s Shieldmaidens are soldiers and guardians of the Queen. Sometimes a small group of them are sending to spread  Everqueen words.

This is our fist concept.

Now is the best moment to know your oppinion and do any changes in our miniatures. So we hope that you send to us our comments!

What do you think about our Everqueen’s Shieldmaidens?

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