Imperial Guard. Leman Russ

Comandante tanque Leman Russ Guardia Imperial Astra Militarum

Our Astra Militarum army has a new vehicle to play Taros campaign. An Imperial Guard Leman Russ tank, one of our favorites tanks of Warhammer 40,000.

…  I will do with the Imperial Guard tanks –Solar Macharius.

Imperial Guard Leman Russ is the most versatile and common tank in the Astra Militarum forces.

Astra Militarum armies for Warhammer 40,000 are composed of  flesh and plastimetal. The Imperial Guard is in chage of supply enought soldiers for the huge armies while forge worlds brings all equipment needed.

Taros is a dessert word, its weather use to damage vehicles. That is something that we would like to show in our tanks. Our Imperial Guard Leman Russ has been a time in Taros surface.

Taros is a desert world under the influence of Tau Empire. Imperial Guard Leman Russ will change it.

More than dunes could be find in Taros surface. Imperial Guard Leman Russ can move across a long kind of terrains. Driving Astra militarum armies advance.

Leman Russ Guardia Imperial Astra Militarum Taros
Leman Russ Astra Militarum Guardia Imperial Taros

We hope that you like our Imperial Guard Leman Russ for our Astra Militarum. We are thinking about a new incorporation for Taros Campaign.

Wich one should be?

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