Guifredo, The Undead Troubadour

Guifredo is an uncommon model. This troubadour can be the center of any narrative campaign or can be use as a necromancer… who knows just think about the possibilities.

Any great Senior from the middle age, is know remembered by his achievements, achievements that the history tell to us. But before the people knows read, this stories are singed by troubadoures. Moving from village to village this characters entretained to the vassals with songs about their Senior…

I think that nobody expect a model like that ir our campaign, unless if you has been following Isra works so closed. It is a different miniature, an enjoyable challenger for painters and a great source of inspiration for narrative campaigns.

Let’s have a look closed.

Over the graveyard cross, Guifredo is a mysterios character. Is he singging from the deads or for alives?

We hope that you like our new model for undeads.

We have some news about the kickstarter campaign. Right now we ahope be able to launch the campaign at the end of the week, maybe before. But it is nor sure yet.

What kind of role can Guifredo play in your games?

Comi Mec

Es quien a través de un continuo proceso de aprendizaje elabora la escenografía del blog. Además se encarga de la traducción de los post y su difusión en Internet.Este es "El taller" en donde se realiza gran parte de la escenografía que os mostramos en El Canto de las Espadas. La verdad es que nos gustaría tener un espacio más amplio y conservarlo algo más ordenado, pero...

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