Elf Mage, painted.

Soon our Elf Mage will be free for orders over 79€ after unlock the following stretch goal. We have taken some new images , we hope that you like! Furthermore we have added three new addons: Dragon shields, Tree shields, and swords pack.

To many peole asked to us if we can sell extra swords, because they want to armed elven infantry with them. We did not think about it at the beggining, but we made a new mold. Now you can take them as an Addon, swords and new shields to customize your miniatures.

From the beginning we knew that our Elf Mage should looks “plain” without too many jewelley. Differents layers of fabric from the head to the feet do our miniature looks great. If we think about the way that Elven Lords act with magic, a mage-monk is ideal for them.

After to see Javier Calleja concept we knew that nothing should be change on it.

With this very clear concept was too easy sculpt the miniature in 3D.

For the Elven Lords, magic come from the trees, so we decided use a branch as a staff.

This is a 360º video of an elf Mage painted by Jesús Gómez.

We love the way that Jesús paint textures. That was a great sorprise, something that could happend with you contract professionals people.

These are pcitures into the light box to can see better each detail.

In the penumbra of the night, Elf Mage catchs Moon’ light into his staff“.

We hope that you like ou new addons and Elf Mage. We will appreciate your help, straight supporting our campaign in Kickstarter or sharing our contets on internet. We gonna try to add more things before campign finish.

Check out our Elven lords at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lastsword/elven-lords

Do you like our shields?

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