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The Elven Lords project has come! 2nd of October it going to be launched on Kickstarter! Now we would like to introduce some features of our multipose High Elves figures!

Time runs fast, so fast and we must learn if we wish to keep going making models that we love as wargaming players. We took a lot of things: friends, bills and so many learnt lessons; from our first campaign on Kickstarter. Even now, while we are working in our high elves project, we are still learning new stuff.

Next 2nd of October, is our new D day. From the monday until 16th of Octuber you will have the chance to support us, and support LastSword Minaitures dream.

The Elven Lords, 2nd of Octubre on Kickstarter.

Today we would like to talk about some of the leason that we have learnt making figures. These are the kind of work, that people don’t usually can see, but really important if we want to fall in love with our models.

The Elven lords have born, like our Reichguard Knights, from our experience as wargaming players. Our wish to have a new range of high elves with all details that we like, has been strong enough to become a fact.

Everything starts with an idea and concepts. Drawing concepts is really important job, because you will decided how the figures will look

We count with a friend, Javier Calleja. We love his works, and we worked with him before. So we hired him to help us with our project.

Sculpting in 3d is different that hand sculpting. Is great can move and see all pieces on the screem and make change easily. Anyway depending of the final result that we want, we goin to use 3d or clays.

Finally the casting. We take a 3d printed model to make a master mold before to do productions molds.

Our first 3d models figures!

According with our bakers, the best of our Reichguard knights is that they are multipose. You can mount them in plenty poses. Besides bodies are compatible with a great amount of bits!

We have done it again. Our spearmen and archers are multipose models. Our  system kneecap allows fix bits in any possition and  joints could be hidden with should pads. You can do it even with the weapons!

As well as multicomponent arms, heads and weapons, you can mix bodies! That means four or more kinds of figures:

  • Heavy spearman with shield.
  • Light spearman with shield (archer’s body).
  • Light archer.
  • Heavy archer (spearman’s body).

What else can you imagine?

The miniature high until eyes is named scale. As wargaming players we have been seeing how different companies, like Games Workshop, has been changing their scale from 28mm to 32mm or more.

The Elven Lords are 32mm. So you will use most of miniatures to play with.

This is a picture of different company scale and our elves.

Polyurethane resin, white metal? Finally we have a new material for our figures, plastic resin.

Our plastic resine is much flexible than polyurethane resin. High resistant agains casual drops our hits.

Plastic resin has a great suface to be painted, so is much easy!

Besides, is only need a sharp knive to clean mold lines.

This picture shows a plastic resin test. We blend the piece, sword backs to their position and is not broken. Even paint looks without any damage!

Kickstarter campaign going to start this monday. Maybe on sunday will be update. The Elven Lord on kickstarter if you want to have a look!

We would like to say thank you to everyone and ask you to share our news wherever you are, please.

Thank you!

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