Reichguard Captain

Reichguard Captain is one of my favourite miniatures. We had not any model painted, so our friend Giye gave us a hand painting this model, thak you!

This is second week of our Kickstarter. and it is funded. We are really glad with all the support!

We going to show more Reichguard foot knights pictures before Kickstaerter finish the April, 9 2017.

Reichguard Captain looks magnifient into is plate armour

Asdarel and Sergus did a really good job with the doing conpcets and sculpting the figure. The griffon in the breastplate and the sash, denote character social status.

Lucerne hammer, is a great weapon for a command squad leader.

Giye painted the figure in a black armour and colorfull details.

Reichguard Captain exploring a snowed wood“.

Reichguard Captain miniature could representates a command squad leader or a character in a skirmirsh. We hope it  like you as we like!

What rule will you use with the weapon? Great weapon or halberd?

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