Everqueen’s Shieldmaiden with Bow, 3D

Working on the Kickstarter campaign, I am taking a breath to show you up a 3D model of a Shieldmainden with bow. One of the models that you will find the following week avariable!

Elves are brave warriors who prefert fight with bows… I wonder why…

Before to start to talk about this miniature, I have to announce something:

Elven Lords: Queen’s Duty will be launch next week!

Some of you has been demanding pictures of posed shieldmaindens. Well I took some of one of the 3D models. As you can see, she is handing a bow aiming.

As usually we do, we have sculpted four different elven bodies for these miniatures. On that way, a lot of miniatures together can look different among them.

A single models in not just a couple of bits… For that reasont you can combinate too many bits in different possitions.

I have no much time today guys, sorry. I hope you understand the model just with the pictures.

Oh! By the way, campaign web is ready. Could you be visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lastsword/elven-lords-the-queens-duty , please?

Let me know how it looks 😉

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