Imperio Tau: Xv88 Apocalipsis

When Tau Empire arrived to Warhammer 40.000, Xv88 battlesuit was the most heavy amoured figured that Taus could deployed agains the enemies. Giyes has painted one of this battlesuit, his frist Empire Tau miniature!

Nowaydays tau battlesuits are becoming bigger and bigger:  Xv95, Xv104, KX139 . Anyways is not too difficult find a Xv88 battlesutis on each Empire Tau army.

Empire Tau battle suits growing up! Xv88Xv95, Xv104, KX139

Giye won the Battlesuit Xv88 as a tournament reward. He really enjoyed painting this figure.

He use a dark brown as coating. Stone grey and white are the mains colours of the battlesuit. Red and black was reserved for details.

If you are fighting against Tau Empire, you must to defeath their drones too. Drones are essential for a Xv88 battlesuit.

A Xv88 battlesuit and his drones  deployed next to enemy lines ready to fire!”

Although Xv88 battlesuit has been the first figure of Giye, we expect that he will paint much Tau empire models!

What do you think about scheme colours?

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