1650: Alguacil de la Guardia de Ysbilia

1650 A capa y espada is a skirmish game by Tercio Creativo. Quickly became on our favorite games. Right now, we are painting the models  as much as possible. Today, we would like show our Alguacil from Old regime faction.

The Alguacil is a commander of Ysbilia guard, wich make him a member of high command of the Old regimen.

We love 1650 figures.

The Alguacil has a simple pose,but his strong gaze becomes the Alguacil like a great miniature.

Dark colors are very appropiate to paint it.

The Alguacil could be painted so fast.

Wappred in dark clothes, the Alguacil, waches Old regimen food and treasures.

We wish that you try to play 1650 A capa y espada. Anywany, paint a model by Sergus is very satisfying. Besides you can inclued 1650 A capa y espada figures in our Warhammer Fantasy armies or Mordheim (Empire in flames) warbans.

oscar lopez

He aquí la fuerza motriz del blog y por quien El Canto de las Espadas existe. Asdarel pinta y realiza las fotografías de estudio de las miniaturas y escenografía que os mostramos en el blog.

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