Author: oscar lopez


The Quatl, Saurian Ancient’s Lord

Just three days left! The Jungle’s Awakening is beeing a great success, thank you all! And now, lets go to see one of the best miniatures of this campaign, the Quatl!



I love the miniatures that we bring today, because I really like they way that it runs with skinks! Nazka-Y was our first, a special character, but now it time to the Caiman regiment.


Skink Hunters

Hey guys, What is much important than small details? small poisoned details!!! Today I want to introduce you one of my favourite lizarmen‘s element, the Skinks Hunter!


Saurian Warrios

We are back, and the Jungle is awakening right now! Our first Saurian Ancients campaign is nearly ready to be launch on Kickstarter, so let’s go with the introductions of our Lizarmen!



Today I want to introduce you the core element of the army, the skinks! You will find them in the following kickstarter, The Jungle awakering, for lizarmen and Saurian Ancients armies.


NazKa-Y, the caiman ancient

This week we have something special for all of you! Stephane is our new best friend, and new team member as a sculptor. We exhibited his excellent work for the first time during the Freak Wars 2018 show, NazKa-Y, ancient caiman.

Infinity the game: Swiss Guard with missile launcher.

In infinity the game, Panoceoania has one of the most stronger armies, the shield and the sword of the Hyperpower. Swiss guards are elite soldiers who has access to the best equiment. Gives has painted one of them, a Swiss Guard with a missile launcher.

Blood bowl: New Skaven team

Blood bowl has back from the hell, stronger than never. Little by little the old races from Warhammer fantasy are coming back to play their favourite sport. Skavens has been one of the first races to back in to the stadiums. To celebrate that, our friend Renton has painted a Skaven team.


Painted ruined house

When you play with painted scenery battles looks better. Warhammer fantasy, Mordheim (Empire in flames), Frostgrave, are games that everyone should play with full painted scenery. After a long time we have finished to sculpt our ruined house for Mordheim, nowadays is painted!