Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought

The war doesn’t have an end in Warhammer 40.000. Space Marines are the best soldiers of the galaxy, among they Blood Angels are known for their courage. Some Space Marines cant find the eternal rest and come back from death’s doors to fight again inside a Dreagnought amour. Giye brings to us his Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought.

We still remember when the first plastic Dreadnought for Space Marines Warhammer 40.000 armies by Games Workshop arrived . Since that day severals moldes has been launched. Furioso variant is use by  the Blood Angels Space Marines and successors charters. Furioso Dreadnought sacrificed his long-range weapon to become a high destructive close combat machine.

Space Marines can’t rest, even in death

Furioso Dreadnought is a model mainly deployed by Blood Angels Space Marines and his successor chapters. Giye painted this model with Primarch Sanguinius chapter colours.

A dark red basecoating applied with an airbrush and red highlights. Furioso Dreadnought has been fighting for a long time into a Imperium campaing so Giye painted weathered details and  darken the amour.

A Blood Angels Space Marines Furioso Dreadnought, equiped with two dreadnought close cocmbat weapons   is a sign of death for ork in Irocel V world.

Another Blood Angel Space Marine who are still serving The Emperor, “after death”, once again.

We hope that you like Blood Angel Furioso Dreadnought painted by Giye. We wonder if he will reapint in black in case of the Space Marine sucumb into black rage.

Do you like play with dreadnoughts in your Warhammer 40.000 battles?

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