Building a sawmill: Accessories I

Our Warhammer Fantasy sawmill has been our biggest scenery piece. We decided to add it several accesories, like a pile of wooden stips.

“You will know when a piece of wood is cursed, It could move and attack you!”

The truth is we have never stopped to work in our Warhammer Fanasy sawmill. We added an accessory and we are thinking about the following.

A pile of wooden strips would be an interesting scenery pieces in a game. In Warhammer Fantasy regiments must move around and in Mordheim (Empire in flames) or 1650 A capa y espada, miniatures could find coverage behind it.

We used a Dm wood base and foam. We glued around the foam balsa wood trips covering completely the foam. Finally we add another small pile of wooden stirps.

The stock pile of wooden strips for Warhammer Fantasy sawmill was done. Next step, color!

We used Gobi Brown for basecoating and Birch for dry. Both colors by Scale Color.

We cover the base as we always do. Green, brushes and flowers.

The Warhammer Fantasy sawmill has its firts accessory, a pile of wooden strips.

It vas a easy element and fast, less than two hours!  Do you like it?

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