Category: Scenery


Scenery: Wooden Chests

  Chests is something that every successful army bring afther the victory! We are still working in small terrain pieces. Play to Warhammer, Mordheim y 1650 A Capa y Espada is more interesting if the board is plenty of details. This time we did chests. We used to tecniques, both so easy and similar. We would like to have severals items to use them as small elements to use into your games. We have took two different and similar ways. Firstly, we cut different SuperSculpey clay shapes.    


Scenery: High Stone Walls III

The sun is shining outside and I fell that I want to play more than craft scenery. But we have to finish uncompleted projects before to star a new one… for sure. A new step in our DIY Stone Wall. Today we going to the last stones on the wall and hopefully finish. A few days ago we visited our friends at Ludus Belli wargame center, and they tell us about how lovely our walls looked! Futhermore the size is tall enough for hide one of their tanks! With


Wooden tower

This week I started a new scenery element. I am doing a wooden tower, that I will use in the future with my fantasy scenery. I hope that you like!


Botánicvs Imperialis: Resin trees

Tree, wood, forest. Would like to increase our scenery element to play Warhammer fantasy, Kings of war, Mordheim (Empire in flames), Frostgrave, etc. So we sculpted a new trees with something special.


Stone stair

We love do scenery for  Warhammer Fantasy, Mordheim and Frostgrave. Now that our ruined houses are done ,we have decided to work in extra details that we can place into the buildings. The first of these details will be a stone stair.


Big painted ruined house

Mordheim, Frostgrave and Age of Sigmar need scenery to play in, however Warhammer Fantasy and Kings of war need scenery to play around. We have finished our big ruined house! Even now is painted!


Big ruined house II

Scenery everywhere! We are finishing so fast our second ruined house. We can´t wait to use to play  Mordheim (Empire in flames), Frostgrave and Warhammer fantasy. This week we have finished with sculpting!


Painted ruined house

When you play with painted scenery battles looks better. Warhammer fantasy, Mordheim (Empire in flames), Frostgrave, are games that everyone should play with full painted scenery. After a long time we have finished to sculpt our ruined house for Mordheim, nowadays is painted!