Dwarf Warriors

In Warhammer fantasy, when dwarven race is under threat, merchands, crafters, miners, brewwers, answer to the call to the arms. Gorko has painted a Dwarf warriors regiment to his dwarven army.

Nowadays Goko is playing Avatars of War with his Warhammer fantasy dwarven army. Don not mind wich game he is playing, his Warhammer Old School army looks great.

Warhammer fantasy, breards, axes and armours… dwarf warriros!


Dwarft warrios wear army colors blue and read. They are the base of any army.

The command group is carring clan colors to the battle.

Dwarf warriors aswer call to the arms to protect their relatives.

A dwarft warrios regiment with one  hand weapon and shields, deffending their settlement far away of the mountains“.

This is the first regiment of dwarf warriros that we can show here. But Gorkko dwarven army has a lots of them that we going to show you soon!

Do you use your Warhammer fantasy armies to lay other games?

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