Scenery. Water Well V

pozo de agua para wargames de fantasía

Our water well is finished and finally we could play with it to Warhammer Fantasy, Mordheim and 1650 A capa y espada.

Painting is always  enjoyable, the last step before finish a project. Right now we can think about new and old projects!

Painted sceneries always add much fun!

To paint the water well, we used an airbrush and the same technique as we have used to paint  our stone walls.

As soon we have painted the water well, we couldn´t wait to play a Mordheim game with it!

The water well must be defended at all cost!

Pozo de agua para 1650 A capa y espada
Pozo de agua para Mordheim y Warhammer Fantasy

We wish that you like our water well for Warhammer Fantasy, Mordheim and 1650 A capa y espada.

You could see more pictures on Pinterest or write your comments.

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