Eldar Harlequin

In Warhammer 40.000 Eldars are an enigmatic and damned race, but strong enough to change universe course. Among all Eldars, Harlequins are most misteriouses for Imperium of man. Giye wished paint a Harlequin model and finally has done.

Eldar model’s sculpture line is so beautiful. New Eldar figures lauched by GamesWorkshop have reoincorfed that way. Harlequins have a daring poses and a great color squeme, a challenge for any good paintor.

Eldar Harlequin has more colours than Bretonnian army.

First step and much difficult was decide squeme colour and chequereds. Giye used a wide colours selection but no very vivid.

Giye’s Eldar Harlequin looked so flashy, full of colours. In the other side Giye cut range of colour in wraithbone, weapon and backbag.

An Eldar Harlequin is the voice os Cegorach, Laughing god

We wish Giye painting a full Troupe, if he does we going to show here!

What do you think about squeme colour?

oscar lopez

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