Hochland: The Hergig Swords

In Warhammer Fantasy, The Empire is a land full of danger where the citizens live if in walled towns felling security. The State Troops, Swordmen, are in charge of keeping safe feeling.

“Soldiers who don´t fight for their salary, fight for their land, HOCHLAND!”

Only a handful of people know that The Empire, is only a group of islands sorrounded by a big forestal and dark ocean. State troops are the backbone of The Empire lands defense. Among State troops, the swormen are the most brave.

The soldiers of the regiment wasted their time with women, vine and playing cards in Hergig streets. Morale was a rock botton, and was rumored to the Captain wasted their salary hiring Guldor, an empire ogre mercenary bodyguard.

The Count of Hochland sent to Officer Krüz to put in order the regiment again. That became furious to the Captain, a Count cousin´s son, who challenged a duel to Krüz. At the sunset the Captain was bleeding and learning a painful lesson.

From that day, Hergig Swords, defent Hochland county land commanded by the Captain, under the wachful eye of Officer Krüz.

Captain armed with warhammer and shield. Officer Krüz armed with sword and pistol.

Hergig Swords with Hochland colors red and green, in their uniforms. Guldof, empire ogre mercenary.

Hergig swords patrol Hochland roads. Guldof, Empire ogre mercenry opens a way through a thick Empire forest.

This is a new regiment for our  Empire army and Hochland county. We hope that you like it!

Comi Mec

Es quien a través de un continuo proceso de aprendizaje elabora la escenografía del blog. Además se encarga de la traducción de los post y su difusión en Internet.Este es "El taller" en donde se realiza gran parte de la escenografía que os mostramos en El Canto de las Espadas. La verdad es que nos gustaría tener un espacio más amplio y conservarlo algo más ordenado, pero...

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