Wood Elves. Ancient Treeman

When Games Workshop launched the Ancient Treemen we knew that this figure will take part in our Warhammer Fantasy games. Finally a birthday gave to us a “good” reason to buy it, Our Wood Elves will be so happy!

“Shepherd of Trees, hunter of men”

Ancient Treeman is not only a big figure, its slender sculpted was great. Other good thing was that Games Workshop have broken humand figure. Ancient Treeman has more that two arms and who know hoy many leg. We thint that it is really good change.

New tree man is taller and slenderer than the old one.

Painted Ancient Treeman was so easy and we could training before to paint and finish our trees for wargames.

The Ancient Treemen contemplates a damaged wood. Furius looking for the guiltis and rush them”.

To us, Wood Elven Ancient Treeman is an excellent Warhammer Fantasy figure. We really enjoed painting it!

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