Infinity the game: Swiss Guard with missile launcher.

In infinity the game, Panoceoania has one of the most stronger armies, the shield and the sword of the Hyperpower. Swiss guards are elite soldiers who has access to the best equiment. Gives has painted one of them, a Swiss Guard with a missile launcher.

Swiss Guard are professional warriors transfered to others regular units of the Panoceania army. After a long service, they be able to back and watch over the security of the Church and  the Holy See os San Pietro.

A misile launcher is always a great choice in any game: Infinity the game, Warhammer 40.000, etc

Giye doesn´t like paint whit the suggested scheme colour always. Sometimes he tries something different. That is the reason why the Swiss Guard is equiped with a green and orange armour.

To paint that atipycal scheme colour for Paonoceania army, Swiss Guard has been basecoating with black. The base is a dark green and then layering with lighthing colours.

Swiss Guard uses his knive when enemy is too close

This is another Infinity the game figure that Giyes has painted.

We really like his differents scheme colours. Corvus Belli has great figures and any colour will be look great on them!

What do you think about the Swiss guard?

oscar lopez

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