Kickstarter: Fallen Lineage – Auxilia Crossbowmen

Auxilia Crossbowmen, one of the most popular range unit for the dark elves. We have added one regiment for our Kickstarter campaign: The Fallen Lineage.

Today we bring some pictures of them and all their bits.

The campaign is running great guys! But we can not stop here if we want to reach the.. whatever a dark elf has to reach!

Dark elves with Crossbows!

Auxilia Crossbowmen are composed by the Command Group with the Officer, Bearer and Musciand and four different crossbowmen.

These are some pictures of all the unit together.

Remember that you can use extra bits to assemble  different models.

And the different bits of each model.

The Command Group.

Two of the crossbowmen.

With the knee on the ground the last two.

I hope that you like to campaign and our dark elves!

Do not forget to share, please!

oscar lopez

He aquí la fuerza motriz del blog y por quien El Canto de las Espadas existe. Asdarel pinta y realiza las fotografías de estudio de las miniaturas y escenografía que os mostramos en el blog.

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