Kickstarter: Fallen Lineage – Shadow Riders

Shadow Riders is the  first cavalry unit of our dark elves. As you know, The Fallen Lineage campaign is running right now on Kickstarter.

Now is time to check the cavalry!

Shadow Riders are light cavalry for our dark elves army. Equiped with spear, there are some stretch goals to increase the unit and even add ranged weapons.

We usually count cavalry regiment miniatures in horses. There are five different horses, and too many bits to mount a lot of models.

Five horses, and a lot of bits!

Before to check each models, some pictures of all the regiment.

This is the officer.

Holding the flag, the Bearer.

The musiciand with a horn.

I let you here some pictures of different mounted models of the riders.

As I told you, there are different ways to glue the models. These are the different bits of each.

Remember to check the campaign to know the new Stretch Goals added for the Shadow Riders. Have  a look to these riders and the full campaign here: The Fallen Lineage, Kickstarter Campaign.

I would like to say thank you to all the people who is supporting us on kickstarter and sharing the campaign.

oscar lopez

He aquí la fuerza motriz del blog y por quien El Canto de las Espadas existe. Asdarel pinta y realiza las fotografías de estudio de las miniaturas y escenografía que os mostramos en el blog.

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