Kragg the grim, Dwarf Runelord

Kragg the grim is one of the most famous dwarf heroes of 3th and 4th editions of Warhammer fantasy. After disappeared he became a leyend. The oldest dwarf lord of the runes, Kragg the grim is too an excellent model of Warhammer Old School. Gorko painted one for his dwarf army.

We still remember when we were young and we collected an army, each figure was especial. We spent a long time saving money  before every purchase, so we thought a lots wich one will be the next, “another regiment? maybe a hero? should I increase an old regiment? What’s about command squad?

Thanks to this we have been keeping our Warhammer old school armies very carefully until now, and we can show up here to everyone!

Gorko’s Warhammer fantasy dwarf army looks great after a long time!

Karaz-a-Karaz is the biggest dwarf city. Inside the mountains, we can fin the small workshop kindomg of Kragg the grim. Among forges and mines the lord of the runes leades a huge army of dwarf workers.

Gorko painted  this excellent model of Kragg the grim for his Warhammer fantasy dwarf army.

Gorko’s Kragg the grim looks younger than Games Workshop Eavy Metal team with his blond beard.

Kragg the grim is ready to defend a dwart settlement in The Empire

Another character more has joined to Gorko Dwarf army for Warhammer fantasy.

Soon we going to finish to show you up all Warhammer Old school dwarf army.

Who is your favourite dwarf character?

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