Last Sword Miniatures: The Reichguard II

Probably, The reichguard foot knights is  our most importan project at the moment. We are taken all time that we need get our goal, have a great regiment. Right now we would like to show our characters.

In the article “Las Sword Miniatures: The Reichguard” we showed up the first steps of our Reichguard foot kninght regiment.

En el artículo “Last Sword Miniatures: La Reichguard” os enseñamos los primeros pasos de nuestra infantería pesada a píe. Lo cierto es que desde entonces nos hemos visto tentados a jugar alguna escaramuza de Mordheim (Empire in flames) o 1650 A capa y espada, con los greens a la espera de poder tener una unidad más grande para Warhammer Fantasy.

We really wanted to play Warhammer fantasy as soon we had the greens!

In the articles “Last Sword Miniatures Reichguard foot knights” we showed the infantry. This thime we bring characters!

The hero has a big belly and ful detailer armour. Nobleness life is less hard that vassals. Besides heavy armour he has a ceremonial staff on his hand!

Hero commands the army but he champions commands Reichguard foot knights infantry in the battle!

Heavy armoyr and a two hand weapon is everything that Champion needs to became a enemies nightmare.

Cuando los Caballeros de la Reichguard a pie van al combate dirigidos por el Campeón y protegiendo al Héroe son vigilados muy de cerca por el Sacerdote guerrero, que vela por su salud espiritual y moral.

Reichguard foot nights, hero, champion, we have almost all finiatures. Soon we be able to show more of them!

We cant wait to play Mordheim (Empire in flames), Warhammer fantasy and 1650 A capa y espada with them.

Do you like or Reichguard foot knights characters?

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