Pack of Dips 3D

The Dip has been welcomed as miniature. For that reason we have thought that maybe we should sculpt some more… so it is our last incorporation to the undead campaing, a Pack of Dips.

You know, a plan begins as you has planned and finishs in any other way… That has happend to us with The Fallen County of Ampurias, on kickstarter. We did no plan to launch any other unit before to the end of the campaign, but… sometimes unexpected things are the best.

As we said in our article The leyend of the Dip, this evil creature come straight from the hell. In Castile in the Dark you will be able to play a full pack of Dips. So it was a great excuse for sculpt some more, a bit smaller than the Alpha Dip.

A Pack of Dips, a new campaign’ addon!

Maybe you will decide to play them as wargs or undead wolves, whatever. Just remember, is your game, your miniatures, your rules!

You can see the full pack with Sor Claudia, but… What kind of realtionship have they got?

All these miniatures look similar but different too.

We have not any of them painted yet, honestly Isra finished to sculpt them two days ago…

Our last bullet, no more surprises in the campaign, so it you time to support us 😉

How will you play the Pack of Dips?

Comi Mec

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