Saurian Warlord

Today we would like to introduce our Saurian Warlord, one of the Saurian Ancients characters. Take a closer look of this excellent miniature painted by Giye.

Saurian Warlords are trained for one purpose, defend the sacred cities from any kind of enemies who dares to step into the dark jungle. These fierce creatures grow all their lives, but rare those who survive long enough to become a mighty warlord and lead Lizarmen’s armies to battle.

There are few, but beware, because if you cross one of them, it might be a story you will never tell.

So for this design I decided to make it a bit bigger to show the fact that Saurian Warriors are creatures that are always growing.

The jewelry and sacred plaques were an important part of the design because that was going to show the rank of the Warlord.

The pose was the last thing to work on. It had to be impressive and magnificent in order to win the trust of the troops. So I looked plenty differents references and tried to mix the ones I liked the most!

Like Nazka-Y, the Saurian Warlord has a crown made of feather to stand out in the battlefield and a custom weapon mad by the ancient gods to lead the troops into battle.

Saurian Warlond commanding their hidden troops in the jungle“.

This miniature is an unlocked Stretch Goal in our The Jungle’s Awakening campaign so you have the opportunity to get one for  free!

Would you follow him into battle ?

Comi Mec

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