Bases. Stone way III

Our stone bases for Warhammer Fantasy are done. Now we need to decide wich figures will be on it. Probably we put a Empire regiment.

Last to weeks were an absolute disaster, at least we could paint the bases.

First time that bases are no leave to the end.

Before to pain the stone bases we did a mold and crafted some copies. We could use all times that we need with our Warhammer Fantasy models.

Honestly we crafted a lots bases!

Perhaps we did too much…

We painted with a dark grey the sontes. This color emphasizes  base stones without be too much garish. Besides we paint mud so bases will fit smoothly with our Warhammer Fantasy modular boards.

We add turfs in the sides bases. Now way edges are clear.

As soon we could use the bases with a Warhammer Fantasy regiment we will show in here!

We wish that you like our stone bases!

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