Taros campaign. Imperial Guard: Valkirie


Imperial Guard Astra Miliratum, is one of our favourite armies of Warhammer 40.000. The last regiment that we have collected is Elysian drop troops. We going to deploy them with our new Imperial Guard Valkirie.

In the Imperial Armour III there’s a campaign, Taros, we like a lot. We decided that as a new project we’re gonna propose to be able to recreate it, something it will take us a lot of time with no doubt

Taros is a Warhammer 40.000 desert world involved into a Tau campaign. Elysian drop troops take part in Taros camapaign so Astra militarum armies will need Valkirie Imperial Guard there to deploy loyald soldiers.

Elysian drop troops be able to deploy by Imperial Guard Valkirie.

As we going to play in Taros, a desert world in Warhammer 40.000, we used a light brown camouflage to paint the Imperial Guard Valkyrie. Besides we added a lots weathered effects.

The dry desert climate is very harmful for metals. So we weathered to much cabins metal stritps.

Filthy motors is a consequence of extended use by Astra Militarum troops.


We added transfers in the back fuselage. Now Valkirie looks like a real Imperial Guard  assault carrier.

We took around six hours to paint  Imperial Guard Valkirie with the base and transfers.

To paint we used an airbrush and sponge, we only take the brush for final details.

Do you like our Valkirie for Warhammer 40.000?

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