High Elves: Dragon Princes of Caledor

Although dragon left long time ago, Princes of Caledor still have their pride. Our High Elves have a new cavalry unit to play Warhammer Fantasy. Dragon Princes of Caledor.

Our High Elves army is growing, slowy but sure. We expect can play Warhammer Fantasy soon with them.

We have always wanted an elf cavalry regiment like Dragon Princes of Caledor. Their background is great and remember to us that a long time ago, High Elves were a very powerfull race!

We could find ideas for Warhammer Fantasy into other games.

Once again, we find inspiration into La Armada forum, when we saw Impetvs cavalry painted by Hetairoi. Since this moment we wanted the same for Warhammer Fantasy.

For us the most important is how Hetairoi has done a small diorama with his unit. Using two elements the result is excellent.

We placed our Dragon Princes of Caledor as charging cavalry. Breaking the line, with some of them running ahead of the others.

Oh, they are really charging!

River is another very important element into the diorama, so we added too.

Hetairoi water looks great, but our river color should look like our river.

We didn´t want to use green color, so we painted the Dragon Princes of Caledor with a dark red. Its remember dragons fire and Hetairoi Red Devils.

We didnt have enough time to play Warhammer Fantasy yet. But we could take some pictures of our Dragon Princes of Caledor in our modular gaming surface.

Honestly we couldn´t be much happy with the result. We love our Dragon Princes of Caledor, even we spend time looking them over the shelve.

We be able to use soon together with our High Elves to play Warhammer Fantasy. Nowadays we are thinking to do one for Mordheim.

Do you like our Dragon Princes of Caledor?

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