Flame Thrower : High Elves’ Fire Launchers

Greetings to High Elves Enthusiasts!

This year, we are committed to enriching our blog with exciting updates, particularly focusing on the High Elves of the Imperial Lineage. We are dedicated to providing regular content, aiming for a weekly post.

Flame Thrower: Merging History and Fantasy of the High Elves

This week, we are thrilled to introduce the Flame Throwers, a novel addition to our range of High Elves in the Imperial Kindred. Our team is actively working with 9th Age to develop specific rules for these units as soon as possible.

Drawing inspiration from the Roman Onagers, the historical precursors to the trebuchet, we have designed these machines to bring a sense of historical authenticity to the High Elves of the Imperial Lineage. Our focus has been on creating models that are not only aesthetically stunning but also functional, based on solid historical references.

High Elves Crew: Respecting design lines in the Imperial Kindred

Regarding the crew, we have integrated elements that will be familiar to High Elves followers. The light troops operating these machines combine iconic pieces of armor from the Imperial Lineage, with each machine manned by three members.

The Flame Throwes, due to their large scale and complexity, require extensive and meticulous detailing. We are working on two distinct models: one in the process of loading and another in a firing action. 

We are excited about these additions and hope they will be well-received by all followers of the High Elves. Stay tuned for more updates and developments in this fascinating fusion of history and fantasy.

See you soon with more news on the High Elves of the Imperial Kindred!

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