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About Dragons and Wyverns

Let’s dive into the world of dragons!

Here at LastSword Miniatures, we’re obsessed with making our dragons as cool and realistic as possible, drawing inspiration from some of the giants of fantasy like “Game of Thrones” and “The Hobbit”. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, let me shed some light on the tangled web of dragons and wyverns.

The Fallen Lineage

Kickstarter: Fallen Lineage – Executioners

Executioners are a melee infrantry regiment with great weapon and heavy armor. A new unit for our Dark Elves army. Another unit for our Kickstarter campaign, The Fallen Lineage.

The Fallen Lineage

Kickstarter: Fallen Lineage – Auxilia Crossbowmen

Auxilia Crossbowmen, one of the most popular range unit for the dark elves. We have added one regiment for our Kickstarter campaign: The Fallen Lineage. Today we bring some pictures of them and all their bits.

The Fallen Lineage

Kickstarter: Fallen Lineage – Shadow Riders

Shadow Riders is the  first cavalry unit of our dark elves. As you know, The Fallen Lineage campaign is running right now on Kickstarter. Now is time to check the cavalry!


Kickstarter Campaign – Fallen Lineage

The Fallen Lineage is our new campaign on Kickstarter. Finally we have dark elves in our miniatures range. 32mm scale models on 3D ready to be printed. Let’s go to see the campaign closely.


Online Store News: 2023 May Patreon – Neverra Kingdom

What do we have new this month? Neverra Knights and the Hoodedmen have arrive to our online store after their time on Patreon. You will fine great cavalry models and iconic characters as Robin, Mady Marian, Little John, etc… So, let me introduce them!


Online Store News: 2023 April Patreon

From Patreon to, this month we added new humans of the High Kingdom models! Handgunners, Swordmen, new characters and a new war camp! So, let me introduce them!