Botanicus Imperialis: Forestry base

Now that we have our resin trees, is time to do a base to make a forest for Warhammer fantasy or Kings of war.

We have been so busy last weeks with our Kickstarter. It is great can do something different, no more elves today! So I come back to my scenery projects.

In the article “Resin trees” we showed how we did wargames trees with resin instead of wire and Dass clay. A tree as an element is great for skirmish games, but when you want play with regiment is better use scenic areas. For that reason we have done a forestry base.

Three trees and a forestry base, the forest!

Is much better play to Kings of warAge of SigmarWarhammer 40.000Warhammer Fantasy9th Age, … with scenic area. You always know when your figures are in or out, and it makes the game faster.

We wanted to do a base that we can moulding after. We drew base shape and where elements will go in a piece of DM. With cardboard we added hillsides.

Super sculpey, wire and a silicon brush was everything that we needed to sculpt stones.

We added sharp stone in one side. Now looks higher there!

We put Das clay everywhere. We pushed a sponge againts the clay to do the texture.

We wanted a lots details in the groud, but no too much, for the figures. We took one of our trees to make a fallen truck in the ground.

Finally we added stones, roots all along the ground.

And this is our base!

It is a very easy project, only take a couple of days.

We have painted so fast our base because we needed a picture for our kickstarter. Anyway I want to take detail pictures to show here next time!

Let us know what you think about our forest!

Comi Mec

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