The Grand Barony of Hochland

Hochland is one of our favorite province in The Empire. Archers are excellent hunters and Hochlands colors look great, red and green. Today we would like to talk about  The Grand Barony of Hochland histoy.

The Grand Barony of Hochland is the smaller  electoral state from The Empire. Most of their territory are forestal lands. For that reason Hochland is sparsely populated. Hochland land is sorounding by Drakwal forest (eastern), Middle Mountains (northeast), and Talabec, the Drakwasser, and Wolfs Run rivers (west).

Hochland is a inland province but is no free from hazards.

Hochland y Talabheim have a traditionally good politial relations. State city have been using its influence alog the years to stop territorial ambitions of Middenland and Ostand over Hochland, taking part as referee or protector if it was necessary.

Thanks to that political and territorial disputes, the political system of Hochland is one of the most developed in The EmpireThe Grand Barony of Hochland is divided into  eight region, where the governos are elected by land owners and rich people. That goverment sistems is very useful in Hochland were the distance between twons and cities is so big.

Orc and Beastmen are a threat for the citiziens. Each of the goverments must to defend his land and ask for help to the Count when the land soldiers and free companies are not enough to repel the attacks.

The most important cities of Hochland are Bergsburg and the capital Hergig.

Bergsbug have been the historial home of Tussen-Hochen house, regent of Hocland until 2514. The old Hildegarde Baroness is Adelard Ludenhof the mother in law.

Inside dense forest small villages could be find.

Hergig has grown to much last ten years, just when Adelard Ludenhof got the governt. Nowadays is the capital of Hochland, something that the citizens of Bersgburf can´t forget.

The rest os the settelments are not very important. Small towns sorrounded by a dark and dangerous forest full of orcs and beastmen. But these towns are self sufficent thank you to their guardsmen and stockades.

The Hergig Swords is one of  our Hochland army for The Empire in Warhammer Fantasy. If you wish discover all our Hochland armis, click on here!

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