Scenery: High Stone Walls III


The sun is shining outside and I fell that I want to play more than craft scenery. But we have to finish uncompleted projects before to star a new one… for sure. A new step in our DIY Stone Wall. Today we going to the last stones on the wall and hopefully finish.

A few days ago we visited our friends at Ludus Belli wargame center, and they tell us about how lovely our walls looked! Futhermore the size is tall enough for hide one of their tanks! With all the nice commets we could not say it is all… so now we must to finnish this scenery.


Nowaydays our stone wall look pretty, not fun enoght And this is something to accept when you do it! So we thought about what else we can add. Instead of try to do an ornate collumn we chose to add something very simply.
On top of the stone wall, we will add some tiles. That is, something basic. The size of the tiles.. wider and longer than the stone wall bricks, but to thin. Will look a bit much elegant but not over ornate.

From the last articles “High stone wall I” and “MHigh Stone Wall II: Column” we have done thestone wall and column. If we want to scult a thinner piece, we must to use Super Sculpey Firm instead of regular clay. This piece will be stronger than the others, great to work with.

First step, a strip of clay.
With a sharped tool, we drew shape and size of the new pieces for our stone wall. 2mm or 3mm wider of the stone wall should be enough.

Each tile was draw again.
And finnaly we highlight tile’s shape. Carefully with each piece.

And adding texture. I do not like straight cuts so we deform the edges.
So the stone wall was done! Not is time for the column. We did a different shape for the collum’s tile.

So we cut two square pieces of clay.

And cut again following the stone wallshape.
Both pieces together and we addded the same textured that we used with the stone wall.
Baked in the oven and glue!
We did a lotsstone walls,rso we check all them.

We hope that you enjoy with the DIY! We tryed to sculpt a simply stone wall, but adding some extra details.

Next step… the base and stone wall will be ready to be painted! Soon we will be able to show up here!

Comi Mec

Es quien a través de un continuo proceso de aprendizaje elabora la escenografía del blog. Además se encarga de la traducción de los post y su difusión en Internet.Este es "El taller" en donde se realiza gran parte de la escenografía que os mostramos en El Canto de las Espadas. La verdad es que nos gustaría tener un espacio más amplio y conservarlo algo más ordenado, pero...

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