Modular gaming Board. Roads, ways and paths

A modular gaming board is something that all wargame players wish to have. Play to warhammer 40.000Warhammer FantasyMordheim (Empire in flames), 1650 A capa y espada and others wargames in a modular gaming board could change game experience. We decided do our own, this is the first step. Roads.

“Traveler, there is no path. A path is made by walking”

We have been showing our frist modules for our modular gaming board in the articles “A bridge over the river” and “Building a sawmill“. It will be for the old world board to play Warhammer Fantasy, Modherim (Empire in flames) and 1650 A capa y espada.

It was time to take our time and think about big modules. Module size will be 60x60cm. With six of them we coul play in a 120x180cm surfing game.

The location was so important, at the end we decided set inside of an empire province, countryside. Then we drew  sketch with the layout. A large hill on a side with vegetable paths and in fron of the hill wheat fields. And a road crossing from the botton to the top.

We draw the roads in the boards. We tried to avoid that the modular gaming board look squared so, we draw curves on the road. The most important was if you change a position of a module, It could fit with another one.

To do de roads we use the technique that we explained in the article “Modular gaming board. Mordheim” before. So it was easy.

We added stone walls between roads and wheat fields. To do the walls se use cut foam.

We wish that you ejoy twith our project. We hope could be have finished our Warhammer Fantasy modular gaming board soon.

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