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Warhammer Fantasy

Middenheim Band for Mordheim

As the good enthusiast to this hobby we work on streaks. These last days, the Mordheim bands have raised on our priority list. Like in every project, before going all in, we looked for references, and during that search of previous needed material for our Middenheimers we found this little gem we wanna show you.

Warhammer Fantasy

Review Citadel Nihilakh Oxide with Sigmarita Matriarch from Mordheim

Not a long time ago we shown you how we used the new paints from Citadel: Special Effects. At that time we used Agrellan Earth on some bases. Now we will experiment with Nihilakh Oxide. As the experiment subject, we chose the Sigmarita Matriarch from the Mordheim band we’re preparing to try the rules from the Mordheim Return.