Empire: Ironsides handgunners of Nuln

Empire hangunners are a basic unit into Warhammer fantasy. Among all regiments, Ironsides handgunners of Nuln are the most famous. Asdarel has added a regiment of them into his Empire army.

Deployed most of times in small regiments, handgunners support large infantry units with their arquebus. Together with empire cannons, handgunners throw death and destruccion agains the enemies.

Empire army always drafts an hangunners regiment.

Forge World is a source of inspiration for everyone who wants to add really special figures into their Warhammer fantasy armies. Firts time that we have seen Ironsides handgunners of Nuln we knew that some day we will take them into our Empire army, and that thay has arrive!

With a black and purple uniforms, dark armours with a golden edges, and colorful plumes, our Ironsides handgunners of Nuln are ready for play a Warhammer fantasy game!

Ironsides hangunners of Nuln are figures full of details, like all Forge world models. Command squad is an excellent example of that!

Ironsides handgunners of Nuln fire agains empire enemies into the Reikwald forest

Ironsides handgunners of Nuln are the new regimment of our Empire army but no the last, soon we going to increase our regiment with new reinforcements.

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