Wood Elves. Treen kins

It is be a long time since we painted our last Wood Elves for Warhammer Fantasy. It´s the turn of our Tree kin, forest sipirits inside old wood.

For a moment we felt safe out of the forest…

We started to collect Wood Elves a long time ago. It was the fourth edition of Warhammer Fantasy. Since these early days, Wood Elves has been change so much.

Althought miniature changes have been amazing, the new background is our favorite part. Wood Elves has grown from weak flower power elves, to a new kind of elves much terrifying than a Dark Elf.

The new units are great too. We love the Tree kin, an intermediate step between dryas and treemen. Forest spirit inside old wood, looks ideal!

We painted our Tree kin regiment with brown and light colors. We wanted Tree kin looking like our scenery trees. Colour contras is added by small spirits climbing the Tree kin.

We added a lost of green and foliage to the base. We imaged Tree kin going out the forest before to attack enemies!

Tree kins advancing to the sawmill with the intention of destroy this suffering source for the forest!”

Little by little our Wood Elves army is growing and taking form. Soon they could fight agains their enemies in Warhamer Fantasy.

What do you think about our Tree kins?

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