Bronzino’s galloper guns

Bronzino’s galloper guns is a Dogs of war regiment, unique in Warhammer Fantasy. Their light guns mounted on a gun carriage has a high mobility, strange for an artillery piece.

We like Bronzino’s galloper guns since we meet them. For us is no the Warhammer Fantasy background, the view of the regiment on the battle field is spectacular.

If you like napoleonics games, you will like Bronzino’s galloper guns.

The combination of horses, limber and guns are very common in napoleonics games, but no in Warhammer Fantasy.

As soon as we saw it, we decided add one of them for our Empire army.

In 2014 we deployed  our Bronzino galloper guns, with our Empire army to take part in Armies on parade compettition. With no doubt, it helped to get some extra votes!

Miniatures has been painted with Ostland scheme color. They had spent a very long time fighting with Princes of Ostland so…

We use stone base technique that we showed in the article “Stone base“. All our Empire army has a base like that.

Even though dogs of war armies use to deploy with others Warhammer Fantasy armies, soon we be able to deploy a entire dogs of war army. Besides Bronzino’s galloper guns, right now we have: The Alcatani fellowship and Leopold’s leopard company.

We hope that you like our Bronzino galloper guns for Warhammer Fantasy. It is so possible that soon the Princes of Ostland and Hochland will ask for more light guns to Bronzino.

oscar lopez

He aquí la fuerza motriz del blog y por quien El Canto de las Espadas existe. Asdarel pinta y realiza las fotografías de estudio de las miniaturas y escenografía que os mostramos en el blog.

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