Armies on Parade 2014

Last weekend Games Workshop‘s shops celebrate Armies on Parade 2014 competition. We couldn´t miss the opportunity to take part in it.

We will take in part with our Empire Army and a piece of our modular tabletop. Saturday morning began with a eventful journey and some boxes dropped, but finally we arrived to Games Workshop Bernabeu.

It will be our frist Armies on Parade.

This is our Armies on Parade. Finnaly we decided to deployed our Ostland army.

Ostland Greatswords Regiment, maeby one of the most powerfull troops.

The majoty of our Empire army are spearmen from the Principality of Ostland. Kessel’s Spearmen & Von Wolder’s Spearmen.

Empire officers and troops are nervous before the battle.

It wasn’t easy choose among all empire cavalry orders.

With their steel armours, cavalry is one of the most porwerfull troops in combat.

Finally the Princes of Ostland is supporting by the Order of the Broken sword.

When you can smell gunpowder… artillery is not too far.

Without cannons an army is not a Empire army.

Bronzino’s galloper guns has been hired by the Prince of Ostland.  A proof of powerfull and wealth.

It is sure, much in The Empire, war will always arrive. Is the law in Warhammer Fantasy.

People vote along all day,  in the evening we know the results.

The first place for us! Great! we feel so proud!

Thanks to everyone for recognise our work!

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