Imperial Guard: Kasrkin Sergeant

Kasrkin are elite troops of the Imperial Guard Astra Militarum. Recluiting in Cadia, their duty is defend the fortress world of the Archenemy. Giye has painted one of this figures for his Warhammer 40.000 collection, a Kasrkin Sergeant.

Imperial Guard Astra Militarum is our favorite army in Warhammer 40.000, this is not a secret. Besides we have publised showing our models like Leman Russ or Valkirie before. First time that we saw Giye´s Kasrkin Sergeant we knew that we have to do an article!

Warhammer 40.000: Kasrkin are like storm troopers

Kasrkin models became so popular since its launch. A lots Imperial Guard commanders has changed the old storm troopers figures for new Kasrkin.

Giye has painted this Warhammer 40.000 model with green and ochre colours, a perfect combination for a cadian army.

Kasrkin Sergeant defending Cadian streets

Maybe next time Giye will paint a full squad of Kasrkin. If he do we going to show here all them!

Do you like Kasrkin Sergeant for Warhammer 40.000?

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