Modular gaming surface. Wheat fields

We would like do a modular gaming board wich we could play to Warhammer FantasyEmpire in flames (Mordheim), 1650 A Capa y Espada, even Warhammer 40.000 in a medieval world! That was the reason why our modular gaming board set in a empire province. AtThe Empire there are two things… forest and wheat fields!

“We feed Lord´s troops and he protec to us”

When you are planning a modular gaming board, is important think about how many things will be glue. Scenery pieces fixed to the board look better, but is much difficult move regiments ans store it. We decided place enough scenery pieces to do pretty the modular gaming board, but trying don´t impide moves.

In the articles “Modular gaming board. Roads, paths and ways” we were working in the boards. Next step was add wheat fields. But bofore to start with that, we glued sand in the areas where the wheat fields won´t be placed.

We draw harvest areas. To do wheat we used teddy fabric that we bought in a shop (don´t damage any teddy!). Then we cut a piece and glued over the drawn areas. We put enough glue at the edges, to be sure that it won´t unglue in the future.

We added a bit of Das clay in the borders, and done it!

Wood and forest are one of the most importanr scenery element in a game of Warhammer Fantasy, Mordheim (Empire in flames), 1650 A capa y espada and Warhammer 40.000. Our modular gaming board must have some of them.

We wished don´t fix trees on the board, so we  textured forestal areas in the board with sawdust, hogged wood and small stones. We will place some plastic trees.

Now the thing is that we did if before our trees so… now we have forestal areas and trees as you can see in the articles “Botanicvs Imperialis III. Sculpting a wood

We painted wheat fiels with ochre colors and we added and extra detail, the scarecrow!

Our modular gaming board has ways, wheat fields, wood and forest, so is ready  Warhammer FantasyEmpire in flames (Mordheim)1650 A Capa y Espada o Warhammer 40.000 to play on it

Do you usually play in a modular gaming board?

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