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Bayeux tapestry

Bayeux tapestry made in the XI century, is a excellent medieval work. These last week we are so busy with elves, so today we would like to share this tapestry and keep going with kickstarter orders.


Shadows of the Redchapel

Horror circus, is another model presented in Hispania Wargames 2017 Painting Competition. Today we bring it to you!


Hispania Wargames: Dragon Lady

Hispania Wargames 2017 finished last weekend. In the saturday we could see a lots of nice miniatures in the painting competition. Lady Dragon, is an Infinity the game molde presented by Daniel Rueda.


Review: Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending is not the best film by Wachowsky brithers. Anyway could be much interesinting for sciency fiction fans.


Review. Enders game

We are sure about many of you have gone to the cinema. Ender´s Game is the kind of film that allWargamer likes! or almost all. Is Ender´s Game a good adaptation of the book by Orson Scott Card?