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Darwen Kings: Slayers Hall – First Concepts

The Dwarven Kings, our new miniatures project! We are working in the ancient race to add into our collection! Dwarfs are maybe the most popular 80′ miniatures so the challenger will be huge to us!

Warhammer Fantasy

Warhammer fantasy: Dwarf Hammerers

Dwarf armies are so popular in Warhammer Fantasy, and a lots collectos like  them because old army look too 80′. Dwarf hammerers protect the heart of his race, the King or Queen of his frotress. Gorko has painted a old unit of Games Workshop Dwarf hammerers for his Warhammer old school army.

Warhammer Fantasy

Dwarf Warriors

In Warhammer fantasy, when dwarven race is under threat, merchands, crafters, miners, brewwers, answer to the call to the arms. Gorko has painted a Dwarf warriors regiment to his dwarven army.

Warhammer Fantasy

Kragg the grim, Dwarf Runelord

Kragg the grim is one of the most famous dwarf heroes of 3th and 4th editions of Warhammer fantasy. After disappeared he became a leyend. The oldest dwarf lord of the runes, Kragg the grim is too an excellent model of Warhammer Old School. Gorko painted one for his dwarf army.

Warhammer Fantasy

The White Dwarf, Warhammer fantasy

The White Dwarf is one of the characters who appears more times in the White Dwarf magazine, together with The infamous Black Goblin. An iconic figure of Warhammer Fantasy, The White Dwarf is a sing of a black future for the dwarven race. A black future and hope, because The White Dwarf going to fight whit them! Our friend Gorko, from Ludus Belli, has painted this excellent model!