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Warhammer Fantasy

Bronzino’s galloper guns

Bronzino’s galloper guns is a Dogs of war regiment, unique in Warhammer Fantasy. Their light guns mounted on a gun carriage has a high mobility, strange for an artillery piece.

Warhammer Fantasy

Hochland: The Hergig Swords

In Warhammer Fantasy, The Empire is a land full of danger where the citizens live if in walled towns felling security. The State Troops, Swordmen, are in charge of keeping safe feeling.

Warhammer Fantasy

Armies on Parade 2014

Last weekend Games Workshop‘s shops celebrate Armies on Parade 2014 competition. We couldn´t miss the opportunity to take part in it.

Warhammer Fantasy

Imperial Harquebusiers from Hochland

During the years we’ve felt this hobby in diferent levels of intensity but there has always been something that made us live it stronger. The Impery is part of that something that made us want to go further. It was the first strenght we organized of Warhammer Fantasy, and the main reason why we started lots of different projects, like for example the modular boards. And it’s the power of reviving the sensations we experienced 15 years ago, when we were just starting on this fantasy world, what makes


Scenery. Empire warcamp.

Napoleonic games use to have baggages and warcamps. It’s something that we really like, and it could be interesting for Warhammer Fantasy, Mordheim (Empire in Flames) or 1650 A Capa y Espada.