Author: Comi Mec


Undeads, The Fallen County of Ampurias

Undeads! Yes, Undeads are our following project. The rising of those who were like us time ago… And a new Sculptor. Ladies and Gentlemen, Israel!


Nazka-Y, Ancient’s rage

Nothing else ta we can say about our Lizarmen. Two days more and the campaign will be finished and our relax will back to our lifes! Anyway, today we show up Nazkay, Ancient’s rage, painted by Giye!



Today we bring maybe the famoust miniature of our Lizarmen campaign, the Thyroscutus. A great model to play 9th Age with Saurian Ancients army, now avariable now on Kickstarter.


Saurian Warlord

Today we would like to introduce our Saurian Warlord, one of the Saurian Ancients characters. Take a closer look of this excellent miniature painted by Giye.


Skink Priest

We are in our first campaign’s week and The Skinks Priest is one of our unlocked Strech goals. Today we bring up to you  this great miniature  for Lizarmen Armies, painted and showed a 360º video!


Saurian Warrios with hand weapon

So we already revealed the Saurian Warrior with the spears for our lizarmen campaign The Jungle’s Awakening. Hand weapon and shield is a common way to play with Saurian Warrios in to many Ancient Saurian armies.


At Hispania Wargames 2019

Once again we have come back to Hispania Wargames event. Today we bring some pictures of our stand and new models.


Everqueen’s Shieldmaidens, concept

Everqueen’s Shieldmaidens, concept is our news for this week. Everqueen bodyguads and ladyies, a new regiment for our following elven campign!