Author: Comi Mec


Clash Master, 3D

Here we are again with another model for our campaign Elven Lords: Queen’s Duty. The Clash Master is an elven mage who wears an amour!


Everqueen’s Shieldmaiden with Bow, 3D

Working on the Kickstarter campaign, I am taking a breath to show you up a 3D model of a Shieldmainden with bow. One of the models that you will find the following week avariable!


WIP: round elven temple, monoptero

A monoptero is a round temple without walls. This is my new scenery project and I hope finish it before to somedoby ask me to do something different. It will fit great into an elven atmosphere.


Saurian Musician & Bearer remodeled

Today we bring the final 3D models of Saurian Warriors Command Group. Bearer and muscian are the last two remodeled miniatures for our lizarmen army, so we hope that you like guys!


Remodeled Saurian Warriors

Saurian Warriors are done… onces again! With hand weapon or spear, the cohort is ready to be printed (one more time…), moulded, crafted, packed and sended to our kickstarter barkers!!!


Rodrigo del Toro, crossbowman

Here we are a new model from Castile in the Dark, Rodrigo del Toro, now avariable at our online store! With his crossbow and cape, this models looks like a rude warrior.


WIP: Elven Temple base

Elves will come soon.. again. For that reason we have starter to work in the new elven scenery board. Planning a small elven temple with columns. A small scenery that can placed later in the board. So, let’s go to build it!


Darwen Kings: Slayers Hall – First Concepts

The Dwarven Kings, our new miniatures project! We are working in the ancient race to add into our collection! Dwarfs are maybe the most popular 80′ miniatures so the challenger will be huge to us!